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If you plan to visit the Adolf Gun Battery at Trondenes the map below will help you. Harstad is only three kilometers away and the town offers good hotels and restaurants. The nearest airport (Evenes) is only 45km away, with good bus connections. Rental cars from all major rental car companies are available at the airport.

The Trondenes peninsula is located about three kilometers north of Harstad. Here you will find in addition to the 40,6cm (16 inch) gun battery, the 800 years old medieval church and the Trondenes Heritage Museum. There are other sights from WW II, such as the Russian Memorial commemorating the more than 800 Russian POWs that died building the gun positions (only 100m north of the church). On the map below you will find Trondenes. Use the controls on the left side of the map to zoom and alter the view. The town of Harstad, with its 25,000 inhabitants, is on Hinnøya, Norway’s largest island. It is the first (from the mainland) of the chain of islands called Lofoten, stretching west from mainland Norway into the Norwegian Sea. The closest airport is Harstad/Narvik airport at Evenes. If you plan to come by plane, book to Evenes, not Narvik. Buses connect you to the rail systems of Sweden in Narvik and in Norway, at Fauske. Both the northbound and soutbound Coastal Express (Hurtigruta) call at Harstad every morning and there are good road connections in all directions, including Lofoten and North Cape. Harstad is a very good starting point if you want to fly to the area and then drive to the Lofoten Islands or even North Cape. In the summer it is easier to find a vacant hotel here than in the Lofoten area.

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The Adolf Guns – 40,6cm SK C/34

WWII’s German Navys  biggest guns on land. With its four guns this battery was the most powerful in Hitler’s Atlantic Wall.