What will you see?

A complete 40,6cm WW II gun in bunker built by the German Wehrmacht during WW II, mostly 1942-43. The only surviving four gun battery of its kind in the world.

There is a small museum in the bunker where equipment which was used by the German coastal artillery is displayed. Shells and charges are displayed in the ammunition store. In the cellar are large diesel motors which were used to power the generators; these are still intact and in an operative condition.

The installations were taken over by the Norwegian military authorities after WWII and the batteries were integrated into the national coastal defence, until they were phased out in 1964.

The installations are in good condition and contain much original equipment from WWII and the following period. Outside the bunker complex you can see a German WWII searchlight. A very interesting and unique map which shows the extent of the German development of coastal forts in Northern Norway can be seen within the bunker.

German equipment used by the Norwegian armed forces after the war is displayed. An almost complete ammunition store with shells and containers for charges shows how ammunition was transported from the stores to the lift, and so to the turret. Tools for installation and maintenance and instruments used at observation posts and the command post can also be seen. Several original photographs from WWII decorates the walls in one of the ammo storages. In the turret it is possible to see how the guns were loaded and fired and how the barrel was raised and lowered. Everything is authentic and an example of the distant past and technology.

Photography and filming is permitted outside the gun and in the bunker, but is forbidden from the sentry post at Trondenes up to the installation.

Panserbrytenede granater
Armour piercing shells. Photo and Copyright Frank Bang