The Adolf Gun is a unique attraction. It is the only remaining German gun of its kind from WW II in the world. At Trondenes not only one 16″ gun exists but, the whole battery with four guns. However, visitors are not allowed, for safety and security reasons, to visit more than gun no. 1, the museums gun. Trondenes is the only place in Europe where a whole battery from the German Atlantic Wall can be visited and seen. A visit that will give you an idea of the advanced German weapons technology at the beginning of WW II.

Take a Close look at the picture below. This is where you will be meet by your guide. About 100 meters after you have passed the Adolfkanonen sign and driven the bend to the right you meet this sign. Turn left like the arrow says and wait for the guide. Be there at least 10 minuts before the times given below.

Frammøtested for visning
This is where you meet to visit the gun.

Guided tours 2020

11. July to 16. August, 2 – two – daily tours . First tour starts from here at 1300 and the second at 1630.

IMPORTANT; Due to the Corona situation there is a limit on how many on each tour. A maximum of 15 – fifteen – each tour. In order to secure your admission you have to book in advance. You can do at at

Summer Prices; Nkr. 195,- for adults, children under 7 years free.

VERY IMPORTANT, bring ID for each person in Your Company. You have to have your own transportation (no bikes or walking); it is close to a mile and uphill (1,2km) from the gate to the gun site. These restrictions applies because the whole battery is inside an activ military base.

You can NOT take picures from the military gate and on your way to the Gun site.

 After you have passed the “Adolfkanonen” sign, drive RIGHT around the bend another 100m. When you reach the attraction sign on the Picture above, you have the meeting place on your left. Park and wait for the guide to show up. You are only permitted to enter the camp accompanied by a guide. Don’t follow the road to the gate to the military camp, please stop at the parking area for visitors shown on the picture above.

Do you wish to see the gun with a group outside the designated times above, or at a time of the year were there are no regular guided tours? No problem because you can book a guided tour by sending an email to or call telephone # 77018989.  Kindly do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Have a nice visit at this very unique WWII site.